Our Story & Vision

“We Love Life Whenever We Can”  — Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008)


How did the Museum of the Palestinian People Begin?

“On my first visit to Washington DC in 2011, I was thrilled by America’s capital city. I visited the parks and monuments, and spent hours in the museums, learning about America through the stories of its citizens who had come here from all over the world. Yet this new view of America left me with an unexpected feeling of loss and invisibility. There was no place here for me to tell my story, the human story of Palestine. There was no place for Americans and tourists to learn about the people and country I grew to love and cherish. I felt certain that many members of the Palestinian Diaspora shared those feelings. And from that overwhelming sense of want for Palestinian stories to share with one another, and with the American people, came my determination to create this space: The Museum of the Palestinian People.”           

Bshara Nassar, Museum Founder

What does the Museum do Today?

  • We showcase and celebrate the history and culture of the Palestinian people, which evolved and thrived over centuries.
  • We tell the story of everyday life in Palestine from the perspective of the people who live there, as well as those who live in the diaspora.
  • We present Palestinians as heroes, for we prefer to be seen as heroes of our own stories rather than victims. We focus on those qualities of our culture that explain why we have remained so resilient and strong in the face of oppression.

What Is Our Vision for the Future?

The Museum of Palestinian People seeks to create a home in Washington DC where visitors can experience the Palestinian people’s history, culture and spirit.

As we build our new home, we use exhibitions, performances and public conversations to show facets of Palestinian culture and history to new audiences. We make our programs easily available to educational institutions and public spaces.

An opportunity for everyone to feel touched by a very special people and place on this earth.