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NEW Virtual Museum

No matter where you are in the World, you can now visit the Museum of the Palestinian People (MPP) in Washington, DC. For the spirit of the Palestinian People alive inside of us, we are inviting our visitors to transcend borders, whether physical, political, religious, or racial. For our story lies beyond category.

Steve Benzek, a retired Geospatial Scientist, Professor, and Technology specialist has joined forces with the MPP team to put together a new online virtual tour. With Steve’s expertise, we were able to transform the Museum into an extraordinary digital experience, and we are so excited to share that with you today. 

What’s inside the Virtual Tour?

  • Full 3D view of all Museum exhibitions, You can click on the photo icons for narration by one of our lead docents, Amber Herrle, and by our Executive Director and Founder, Bshara Nassar 
  • Highlights of our permanent collection, including several artifacts and images that share the story of our people, the Nakba and Diaspora, Occupation, and our resilient spirit.  
  • A preview of our new exhibit, Art of Palestinian Women, including stories from each of the Palestinian Women Artists themselves.
  • Palestinain Americans Making Their Mark wall, featuring Palestinain Americans who have made significant contributions to our societies, and the United States
  • MAPS: Where are Palestinians Today? A fully mapped exploration of the more than 12 million Palestinians living in the world today, both in Palestine and in the diaspora. 

Please click here to visit the Virtual Website.

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