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Dreams Rising: Palestinian Children in Gaza Imagine a Future Beyond Trauma

May 15th, 2022 – September 24th 2022

Mohammed Qraiqe, Rising Like a Phoenix

Gaza has been a symbolic phoenix for thousands of years. The bird historically represents the multiple rebirths of Gaza on the same location over the past 5,000 years. Today as Gaza enters its fifteenth year living under blockade, this symbol is still relevant—especially for the children of Gaza who expressed their innocence and humanity beyond the scars of war and trauma above the hatred of their oppressors, just like the phoenix.

The Museum of the Palestinian People invites you to imagine a better future for Palestinian children in Gaza. When you live in what has aptly been described as the world’s largest open-air prison, you can understand why imagination has an added force. The children of Gaza are inviting all of us to imagine the impossible. Imagine FREEDOM! The children’s images will confront you with “why not?”. Their moral imaginations are unstained by cynicism. 

Working with a team of youth specialists at the Sama for Culture and Arts, curator Ahmed Mansour asked children to paint a vision of their future. What they created is a stunning alternative reality that is so compelling, its images will work their way into your heart as well as your mind. The exhibition features artwork created by 11 youth artists: Rawan Khzaiq, Feda’a Al-Hasanat, Mai Shaer, Liza Madi, Hazem Al-Zomor, Malak Al-Absi, Jehad Jarbou’, Mohammed Sami Qraiq’, Nagham El-Ghsain, and Khawla Al-Ashi. 

This exhibition is in collaboration with Sama for Culture and Arts. Sponsored by Cultures of Resistance Network. We would like to thank our Resilience Monthly Club members, board of directors, and volunteers for making this exhibition possible.