MPP is excited to share with you our latest progress update!

So far in our fundraising campaign, we have

  • Secured a 70% discount from the architect to work on floor plans and necessary permits from the DC government
  • Secured a pro bono contractor committed to completing the renovations and upgrades at cost.
  • We’ve managed to double the size of our team to include professional curators, designers, video makers and artists.
  • We have past $50,000 in the first three weeks of the campaign.
  • We have also been approached by local organizations such as the Ramallah Federation, Anera, the Tabbard Inn and the Mosaic Theater to partner with us.

We also recently launched MPP community dinners which bring the Palestinian community together to express what it means to live in the U.S., to envision the Museum of the Palestinian People (MPP), and discuss how the Palestinian story will be told.

Guests have been inspired to open their hearts to share stories, opinions and concerns. They have experienced generosity and partnered with us financially to renovate and launch the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, D.C.!

We recently co-hosted a Palestinian embroidery workshop led by Wafa Ghnaim, Tatreez and Tea founder, held at the Middle East Books and More, our partner and neighbor! We look forward to hosting more events like this in our own space to continue to engage American and Palestinian audiences.

Our board has had several energetic meetings to focus on brainstorming, strategic planning and exhibit development that helped to expand our vision for the museum! We can’t wait to welcome you to our space in the fall!


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