Tell Your Story

Your story is so important to us that we created this temporary method for you to share it with us while we work on improvements.

If you are Palestinian, tell us your story of living in Palestine or the diaspora.

If you have ever visited Palestine, we would love to hear stories from your visit.

Sharing Your Story gives you an opportunity to participate in the Museum’s development and will become part of the Museum’s collection.

Please be sure your story is clear, accurate and complete. Do not use anyone’s name, voice or, image without their permission. After acceptance, your story will be published on our website and may be presented in future exhibitions or social media unless you tell us to keep your story private. We will not publish your name without your permission.

Submitted Stories including images (pictures, artwork, etc) or recordings or video become the property of the Museum of the Palestinian People. Unless your story is private, the Museum may use them for any purpose including publishing on our website, exhibits, social media or marketing.

The Museum very much appreciates Your Story.  We reserve the right to verify your story, edit your story prior to publication or not publish your story at our sole discretion.

PUBLISH my storyDO NOT publish my storyPublish my story but keep my name ANONYMOUS