Silent Auction – Annual MPP Reception at the Tabard Inn 2019

Banksy art work (for real!) from The Walled Off Hotel 

This piece was created by Banksy himself for The Walled Off Hotel . More importantly, they are phasing out this current range of merchandise and will not be re-stocking so this is indeed a very rare piece.

Auction Item:

  • Souvenir Wall Section – lovingly hand painted by local craftspeople.


Rare Photos from Elia Photo

The late Elia Kahvedjian (1910 – 1999) was a legendary Armenian photographer who began documenting the history of the Holy Land in 1924 through the lens of his camera. He also collected various older pictures from as far back as 1860. Elia passed on his passion to his son and in turn his grandson as well. Their shop in the Christian Quarter of the Old City has been a landmark for tourists and art collectors for decades. However, today, the shop may close. Just last May Elia’s son, Kevork, passed away. The grandson is doing his best to keep it open but means are limited. 

You can find examples of their collection on their website but they are in low resolution. You can find higher resolution images here. The four pieces we got for the auction are printed on special paper that brings a depth and intensity to the pictures in ways regular black & white pictures fail to. Once you get one, you’ll want ten more!

Auction Items:

  • Girl Picking Olives – Portrait
  • Jaffa – Landscape
  • Jerusalem facing east – Landscape
  • Jerusalem facing west – Landscape


Art from Levantine Gallery in the Old City Jerusalem

Established in 2017, The Levantine Gallery is a unique space in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City that showcases high-quality art capturing lasting memories of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Alongside original artwork by local artists, they offer a carefully curated range of Holy Land art, pictures of Jerusalem, exclusive prints and designer gifts that reflect the vibrant culture and history of the region. 

Auction Items:

  • Framed Calligraphy – Darwish
  • Framed Calligraphy – Corinthians 
  • Set of ten postcards


Artifacts from Birzeit Women Charitable Society 

The Birzeit Women Charitable Society was founded in 1973 with the mission to advance the quality of life for the community of Birzeit by focusing mainly on the total well-being of women and certain special groups, namely children as they transition through adolescence until adulthood, and the elderly. 

Their programs include vocational training courses, workshops and lectures on women’s rights, creating job opportunities for them, reviving traditional crafts and leadership training for children and youth.

Auction Items:

  • Rectangular black embroidered shawl
  • Diamond-shaped wall hanging embroidery on copper plate
  • Framed piece of embroidery from Izzieh Sayej’s عزيه صايج wedding dress from the 1950s

Arab Women’s Union (AWB), Bethlehem Palestine

AWU Bethlehem is a non-profit Charitable, social and cultural society, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem. Its first mission was to support needy Palestinian women by providing them with jobs that enable them to have a decent life.  You can checkout their website here.

Auction Item:

  • Square black embroidered shawl

Holy Land Handicrafts – Mike Ceramic Center 

The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society (HLHCS) was founded in 1981 and represents 35 members who are owners of olivewood and mother-of-pearl workshops.  Approximately 2000 individuals benefit from the Cooperative’s activities. As a guaranteed World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) member, they sell their products mainly through Fair Trade channels to customers all over the world. 

Auction Items:

  • Contemporary ceramic plate (2)
  • Contemporary ceramic vase 
  • Contemporary ceramic serving utensils
  • Contemporary ceramic Jerusalem platter
  • Contemporary ceramic Jerusalem oval bowl


Cremisan Cellar Wine 

The Cremisan Cellar, located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, inherits its namesake from the hill from which the grapes have been harvested since 1885. Modern wine-making equipment was introduced in 1997.  All Cremisan wines are organically produced, with vines being tended without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Vines are pruned, sorted and picked by hand.  World renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella – most noted for his Falesco winery in Italy – is now part of the Cremisan Winery, lending his professionalism and talent. 

Auction Items:

  • Two Cremisan Star of Bethlehem wine bottles, 2014


“The Palestinian Table” – Cookbook by Reem Kassis

This book by was donated by Middle East Books and More, which is a project of the American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, which has promoted accurate and objective information on the Middle East in the Washington, DC area and beyond for almost 30 years. In addition to selling books, the bookstore supports Palestinian businesses by selling their olive oil, pottery, traditional embroidery and much more. Born to a Palestinian Muslim mother from Jaljulya, a rural village that is famous for its hearty cooking, and a Palestinian Christian father from Rameh, a mountain village famous for its olive groves and distinctive oil, chef Reem Kassis has written a book which Anthony Bourdain describes as “A thoughtful collection of great recipes, historical and cultural insights, and beautiful photographs.” With recipes ranging from Mana’eesh to Makloubeh to Baklawa, Reem dishes out hundreds of recipes that your Palestinian grandmother will only describe to you in general terms, and feed you with generously.

Auction Item:

  • “The Palestinian Table” cookbook by Reem Kassis, 2017


Za’atar from Zayt and Za’atar 

Z&Z za’atar is bursting with the delicious flavors of all natural wild thyme, toasted sesame seeds, and sumac. The Dubbaneh family has a truly beautiful and quintessentially Palestinian story that you can listen to here. They work with local farmers in Jenin, Palestine to harvest and deliver the best tasting za’atar to you. Za’atar is one of the most popular and traditional spice blends in the world, and is found at the heart of every pantry, table, and gathering in the Middle East. It’s more than just a spice mix – it’s a cultural icon, a symbol of hospitality, and a staple of any good meal.”

Auction Items:

  • A bundle of 3 jars of their fabulous Za’atar (5 bundles)


Dinner for 4 at Bawadi Restaurant 

Bawadi Mediterranean Grill and Sweets Cafe  a full service Halal restaurant in Falls Church VA with an in-house Middle Eastern Bakery. Bawadi serves Mediterranean food in an open buffet, with lots of home-made food options and has great Iftar programs. Food is all Halal, served in a family environment.

Location: 6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044

Auction Item:

  • Buffet ticket for four people, any Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 pm. 


Early 1900s Photos of Palestine

Auction Items:

  • Eleven separate black & white photos of Palestine from the G. Eric And Edith Matson Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress.


Art by Mohamed Khalil 

Mohamed Saleh Khalil completed his masters degree in 1988 at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. After graduation, he headed back to Damascus, where he set up his first gallery exhibit. He then made his way to Nicosia, Cyprus where he worked for 5 years and participated in several group exhibitions by Palestinian artists.  Through his experiences and acquired knowledge from Nicosia, he was able to develop his own artistic style and set up several personal showcases. Upon the signing of the Oslo peace agreement in 1994, Khalil decided it was finally time to go back to his homeland, Palestine. He has worked several art exhibitions in and outside of Palestine and won many awards for his Palestinian-inspired, abstract pieces. His most valued award is the Jury Prize from the 2000 Biennale of Alexandria. Khalil still resides in Palestine, where he directs the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, and continues to develop the arts in Palestinian society through the Young Artists Forum.

Auction Item:

  • “Woman With A Dog” (Ramallah, 2016), Acrylic on canvas – 64 x 64 in