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Press Release – New Virtual Exhibit


Press Release

September 17, 2020

Intersections: Palestinian and African American Art for Social Justice

A Virtual Exhibition 
The struggle against injustice that challenges Palestinians and African Americans today finds vivid expression in the work of artists from both communities. 

Adalah by Malak Mattar

The Museum of the Palestinian People presents: 

A Virtual Exhibition of social justice artwork by 13 Palestinian and African American artists: 

Malak Mattar | Clara Debnam | Shirien Damra | Tysen Knight | Leila Abdelrazaq | Adeola Davies Aiyeloja | Lina Abojaradeh | Shade Twafra | Samuel Fleming Lewis | Mohammed Al Hawajri | Taqi Spateen | Mohammad Sabaaneh | Israa Spateen

Join us for the digital launch: 

Saturday, September 26 | 12pm EDT

Upcoming Events (Save the Date): 

Friday, October 2 at 12pm EDT:

“We Must Show Up: Art as Protest in and Beyond Palestine”

Date and time TBD:

“Segregation from Palestine to the United States”

For more information please contact:

Bshara Nassar: 202-499-8959 | Becca Pugh: 412-651-7763