Summer 2017 — News from The Museum of the Palestinian People 

Summer 2017 — News from The Museum of the Palestinian People 

Launching New Website — Announcing Public Programming

Museum of The Palestinian People, a 501 C(3) non-profit organization, announced today the launch of its website and the beginning of a series of public programs.

Beginning in 2014, a diverse team of artists, historians, activists, and cultural leaders has worked with the Museum to present a core picture of the Palestinian people to audiences in the United States and throughout the Diaspora. Through concerts, theater, exhibitions of art, and public storytelling we have reached audiences whose response has inspired us to embrace a new mission and with it a new title: Museum of the Palestinian People.

As the Museum comes to life, we celebrate the culture and people of Palestine — our resilience in the face of oppression, our ability to exist in our land, to struggle and resist. To be heroes are of our own stories.    

The museum has evolved into an institution that will introduce Americans to a human story of Palestine that rarely enters newspapers or classrooms. This view celebrates the long and complex history of Palestine as seen by the Palestinians themselves. Here, visitors will encounter the Palestinians whose culture has survived and grown over centuries.

The space which will be based in Washington DC, will serve as a vibrant destination where artists, scholars, academics, patrons and the diaspora community will engage, enrich and honor all aspects of Palestinian, culture, history and artistic expression.

Museum of the Palestinian People is excited to present Bethlehem Beyond the Wall, the first exhibition we have created under this new vision.

Sponsorship and hosting opportunities are available. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Museum, contact info@mpp-dc.org