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Keffiyeh Face Masks

Palestinian Scarves re-imagined to combat Covid 19

We’ve taken the traditional Palestinian patterned scarf and formed it into modern protection against this global virus. 

The keffiyehs used for these masks come from the Herbawi Textile Factory in Hebron, which is the only remaining  keffiyeh factory in Palestine. These keffiyehs are 100% soft, breathable cotton that transmits moisture away from the body. The traditional keffiyeh is black and white, and these keffiyehs have been contemporized using multiple colors to celebrate this iconic Palestinian pattern. 

By purchasing a mask:

Keffiyeh Masks is a socially responsible brand that offers protective masks using contemporary Palestinian patterned scarfs while supporting local workers and non-profits.

Limited quantity | First come, first served!

*Masks are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for everyone living in the US.