Celebrating a New Future Together – Annual MPP Reception at the Tabard Inn

Join us for our second annual fundraising reception at the Tabard Inn! This year’s theme is “Stepping into the Future Together”. We will be celebrating the enormous milestone of our inaugural opening in Washington, DC this year that took place on June 15th 2019 and exploring what the future holds for us together. We co-author a new story of hope, awarness and vibrancy for Palestinians.

With over 1,200 visitors within the first 6 weeks of opening, people are referring to MPP as “Palestine’s cultural embassy” in DC! We’re therefore very proud of our partnership again this year with the Tabard Inn, one of DC’s most popular cultural scenes. Their support last year was instrumental in helping us achieve our fundraising goal to open the museum and now they are backing us again as we continue to grow.

The night will include a silent auction of several priceless and historic pieces, unique experiences, and typical Palestinian artisan pieces. We will also enjoy authentic Palestinian cuisine together and share a presentation about what we’ve accomplished at MPP this year and where we are headed next.

This will be a night where we connect to each other, celebrate what we’ve built together, and step into the future with excitement and hope together.

(Tickets are available here! Email us if you prefer to buy your tickets by check)