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Join Laila Taji, founder of Arabishway, and Tala Aloul for activities and storytime readings in Arabic and English!

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Join us for an afternoon with Laila Hajji, published children’s author of Al-Sissan and other Arabic language books! Children and families are encouraged to attend, but this event is open to all. This is an interactive event, allowing children to engage in Arabic in fun ways and become more knowledgeable of Arab culture. The event will mostly be in English, with Arabic readings (slowly!) and translations will always be provided. It is appropriate for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers!

Taji is the founder of Arabish Way, an organization with a vision to create Arab-positive experiences and promote positive concepts about Arabs for all children. The reading will all be in Levantine dialect.

Bring your kids and spread the word! Let’s show the younger generation the beauty of Arab literature and culture.