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The Museum of the Palestinian People

The Palestinian people hail from an ancient land with over 4,000 years of history. Empires have come and gone, only to make Palestinian culture richer and more colorful. The Museum of the Palestinian People is the first museum in Washington D.C. devoted to exploring and celebrating Palestinian history, arts, and culture. It started in 2015 as a traveling exhibit, visiting over 50 locations across the country, and has now found a home in the heart of the nation’s capital. By sharing the stories of the Palestinian people with those who walk through our doors, we invite the world to discover what unites us all.

The museum:

  • Shares Palestinian stories through historic artifacts, personal narratives and artistic expression to transcend separation, fragmentation, and boundaries.
  • Connects Palestinians in the US, Palestine and the diaspora with each other to evoke pride and dignity and to impart this to future generations.
  • Partners with other institutions and connect with broader audiences committed to our shared humanity.